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Yungeen Ace Confronts His Demons On “So Long”

Yungeen Ace opens up about his hardships on “So Long.”

DOWNLOAD MP3: Yungeen Ace – So Long. There are a few young rappers from Florida that should be on your radar. Yungeen Ace entered 2018 strong, releasing two projects within a few months of each other. After releasing Life I’m Livin in December, he returns with his first drop of the year.

Yungeen Ace is back with his latest track, “So Long.” The rapper details his trials and tribulations in the streets before entering the rap game. Over a reflective beat carried by a piano progression, Ace opens up about the wrongs he’s trying to make right. “I feel like the demons want my soul for so long,” he sings on the book with every ounce of pain being heard in his delivery.

“I’ve already been through so much in so little time,” Yungeen Ace told HypeBeast about the song. “At 21, I’ve experienced more pain than people twice my age – but I know thats what makes me special. God wanted to make sure I was battle tested and war ready, and now I know nothing can stop me. I’ve already dealt with death, prison, violence, poverty and abuse – what else can the devil do to stop me? Every time I think he has one up on me, God shows me he has a bigger plan.”

Quotable Lyrics
Feel like the demons want my soul for so long
Ever since I stepped up on that my soul been gone
Late at night no I can’t sleep I’m still traumatized
Every time I close my eyes I see him in my mind
Two two three’s put his ass underneath
Tired of him talking put his ass to sleep

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