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Jaden Smith’s “Watch Me (Remix)” Is A Fine Step Towards Experimentalism

Jaden Smith rewrites his past on the “Watch Me” remix.

Jaden Smith “Watch Me Remix – Mp3 Download. Back in October of 2017, Jaden Smith proved himself effective at channeling aggressivity in his music. Not only was the switch-up a seamless one, but it’s been his calling card ever since. Fast forward to March the 22nd, 2019, and lo and behold: Jaden Smith finds himself concerned with rewriting his past.

His remix to “Watch Me” is the equivalent of a case file being re-opened à la Adnan Syed. Few are so lucky to get a second chance, but this is Jaden “Indigo” Smith we’re talking about. The difference being: the newer-sounding “Watch Me” begins with the kind of electricity derived from an amplified guitar, whereas the lyrics remain intact, in order to preserve the emotional memory of the songwriting process. So, why go for seconds?

Quite simply, Jaden Smith doesn’t lose anything by uploading his raw materials. Critique this remix all you want, but remember, only the production elements get the once-over, everything else remains untouched.

Quotable Lyrics:

I stamp that we cool
I’m awesome, kickflip in the Carsons
We should run for the pool
I got the fire flow, the department exhausted
I owe nothing to you
I’m in the Tahoe, man you making me nauseous
Pullin up with the crew.


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