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PNL Maintain Their Otherworldly Mystique On “Deux frères”

Tarik and Nabil Andrieu prolong the PNL saga with their 4th album “Deux frères.”

PNL is probably most famous in North America for spurning the advances of Drake, who once upon a time, sought permission to rap over one of their songs. The stark reality is that PNL transcends whatever value is placed on “foreign music.” Their message is quite universal, once you look past the culturally-biased material.

In France, the PNL brand stands on solid ground, its intercontinental fanbase is well-cultivated, and best of all, the French press isn’t trying to gut them out – surprising considering the country’s well documented problem with post-colonial integration, issues PNL’s brotherly duo of Tarik and Nabil Andrieu have made a career out of addressing. Deux frères is but the latest chapter in this story of an improbable brotherly run taking place in the hard done suburbs of Paris. 

Deux frères

1. Au DD
2. Autre monde
3. Chang
4. Blanka
5. 91’s
6. A l’ammoniaque
7. Celsius
8. Deux frères
9. Hasta la vista
10. Cœurs
11. Shenmue
12. Kuta ubud
13. Menace
14. Zoulou tchaing
15. Déconnecté
16. La misère est si belle

Download Mp3: PNL – Deux frères Zip (Album)


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